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Work Life Design_KGWI 2015
A growing movement within the workforce, Work-Life Design redefines the concept of work-life balance. It does more than pay lip-service to flexible working hours. It recognizes that workers have ever-evolving needs, interests, and aspirations. They also crave actualization in and out of work and want to “design” the perfect balance between their personal and professional lives.Employers are keenly ... Read More
don't tell me show me
Most job candidates—particularly the intelligent, leading thinkers in high-demand fields—see through employer brands that feel too scripted and too perfect. They don't want to be told who you are; they want you to show them. This is culture branding.Culture branding is about rubbing off all that formality and polish, and discovering what lies under the surface.What unites your most dedicated emplo ... Read More
How to Adapt to the Talent Gap Image
There is no one-size-fits-all for managing talent. Yet, many organisations still behave as though there is. The wake-up call of changing workforce demographics and the mismatch between the skills that organisations need, and those that are on the market, is taking a greater toll. As unemployment climbs in southern European markets and jobs remain unfilled in others, the question of how best to m ... Read More
Dont Manage Me Understand Image
So, you’ve been working on your adaptation strategies…how’s that working out so far? Have you started to see progress within your organisation? How about within your department? We know the typical response—it’s out of your direct control, right? What about those factors that are within your control? Have you personally made any changes in the way you manage or interact with Gen Ys? The simple fa ... Read More
Life Sciences Competence Centre
The Life Sciences Competence Centre is a division specialized in the recruitment of every line of business within your industry’s sector. We offer you a 360-degree recruiting service. We work actively in the recruitment process within the following areas:  FinanceScienceEngineeringTertiary Sector...and much moreYou benefit from:tailored advice adapted to your industry’s sectora national and ... Read More