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Good leaders
Every day it seems a new business book appears offering advice on leadership in the modern workplace. But what actually makes a good leader? The answer is different for everyone.Leadership is about many things - vision, performance, motivation and insight as well as functional or technical ability. Often leadership is also about what 'works'. Employers have an innate understanding about what works ... Read More
Reconstructing Leadership Image
Leadership: Business people never grow weary of chasing it or proclaiming it. Even though the basic elements of leadership remain constant, we always grapple with how to be leaders among our competitors. Commerce, unlike leadership basics, evolves constantly. For example, major market evolutions always seem to happen on or around the turn of a new century. The twenty-first century version has bee ... Read More
Leadership Disconnect
This third instalment of the 2012 Kelly Global Workforce Index examines the issue of leadership in the contemporary workplace from the employee perspective. It explores the way that workers think about the quality, direction, and style of leadership, and the degree to which they share the goals of those who head their organisations. The paper examines the leadership issue across industry sectors, ... Read More