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3 Reasons You’re Not Attracting the Best Med-Device Talent

Before anyone had heard of Covid-19, the global market for medical devices and technologies was expected to grow by a further 6% by the year 2024. Now, with the pandemic increasing demand across the medical industry, companies have to funnel more investment than ever into finding the right people to continue to meet market demand.

As you explore our latest Life Sciences Spotlight, you’ll discover exactly what’s happening inside the med-tech industry – and why these extreme levels of growth aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

Are you ready to meet the increasing industry demand as we move through 2021 and beyond?

If not, why is that?

Reason One: You’re not engaging passive candidates

Did you know that 85% of candidates are not actively looking for roles? Every group of industry professionals you know is a potential talent pool – but to make those groups work for you, you first have to nurture and cultivate that group. Invite them to industry events, shout about your new projects, and help them to see what being a part of your company or organisation COULD be like.

Reason Two: You’re not delivering flexibility

This is something that is not exclusive to the med-device industry – far from it. The desire for flexibility is something that is growing across every market, with candidates looking to work on their terms, whether that means flexible hours, home working, or remote meetings.

That doesn’t just mean putting home working in the contract. In order to best attract and serve the talent you want, you have to be prepared to be flexible and negotiate with candidates around what is possible for both you and them.

Reason Three: Your staffing strategy is wrong

Without a clear strategy and insider knowledge of the Life Sciences and med-device industry, how can you attract the best and brightest talent? The fact is that most recruiting partners cover such a broad range of industries, that they don’t have the insider knowledge they need to tap into the right market and attract the best talent – and that’s where Kelly comes in.

Let us find the talent, so that you can focus all your energy on changing the world for the better.

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