Talent In Science Reports

Explore the Hidden World of Talent in Science

Our new Talent in Science report series explores what’s happening in key Life Sciences sectors today and discovers what candidates really want from the organisations they work for.

The Life Sciences industry is a huge global presence, contributing billions to the worldwide economy and employing millions of people around the world. Made up of a diverse range of sectors, people, and organisations, it also has a vital role to play in how we live. The discoveries, drugs, and therapies unearthed by people working in the Life Sciences every day have the power to transform and save lives. 

For our recent Talent in Science research, we wanted to take a fresh look at the Life Sciences and the amazing people who power this life-changing work. To not only examine the key facts and figures that are shaping the industry but to understand what motivates Life Sciences candidate and how they see their future career.  

Our Research
In order to achieve this, we partnered with independent research group WorkLab to connect with 1400 Life Sciences professionals in Europe, across 7 countries, and examine key talent data from sources including LinkedIn and XING. This has resulted in 5 detailed reports on influential Life Sciences sectors, these are: Engineering and Science, Quality Assurance and Control, Regulatory Affairs, Research and Development, and Sales and Marketing.

Discover Unique Insights
You can download each of these reports to explore unique insights and facts about the people who are driving Life Sciences today. And there are some findings that might surprise you. Did you know that only 2% of Data Scientists in the countries we surveyed were working in the Life Sciences? Or that QA (Quality Assurance) professionals working in Switzerland are earning (on average) over 50% more than their colleagues in the UK? Discover valuable findings in each report and change how you think about Life Sciences talent.

Look into The Future of Talent
Our Talent in Science series not only provides a snapshot of the Life Sciences world today it can help you to explore future work trends. Will Brexit see an exodus of critical UK Life Sciences talent? Or will tomorrow’s Life Science workforce be contingent? Dive into the findings that could help you to futureproof your strategic approach to Life Sciences talent.

Download all 5 Talent in Science reports today and discover what’s next in the Life Sciences.


Science and Engineering Professionals

As AI and digitistaion acclelerate the pace of change, these forward thinking professionals are ditching the script. Do you know what this in demand talent pool thinks? 


Regulatory Affairs 

How does regulatory affairs talent feel in relation to their work. They're in demand but are they respected?


Sales, Marketing and Comms Professionals

Out of 244,000 marketing managers,  only 3% were working in/had experience in Pharma or Medical Devices. Is it time that the life science industry reviews how it appeals to talent? 


Research & Development Professionals

The future looks bright for Regulatory Affairs professionals in Europe. Over 12 months, salaries wentup in almost every country we surveyed. Find out how your geography did in our TIS report.



QA & QC Professionals 

Our research found a huge number of QA/QC professionals living and working across Europe. From technicians and analysts to managers, do you know what they want?