Advance Your Science Career in the Virtual Workplace

Advance Your Science Career in the Virtual Workplace

The days of the insular workplace are waning, especially in the science community.


As the pressure to compete globally increases, leaders within the sector are being forced to think globally—and this means more deeply embracing the trends of working across time-zones, being present in professional social media, and learning to collaborate more effectively.

There is no doubt that virtual workplaces and networks are playing a key role in connecting science professionals, and encouraging companies to re-imagine their workforce models. But what will this mean for employees of these companies?

If science professionals are to evolve and be part of this change, they must become

accustomed to:

• accessing work and projects globally;

• collaborating with employers and colleagues across geographic borders; and

• using ‘knowledge networks’ to raise productivity and increase the quality of the work they do.

Here, we explore some of the ways that science professionals can do this, and how they

can build and grow their careers in the process.