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Classroom or Office?

More education improves your employment prospects—that much is true. However, weighing up the return on investment for every qualification you gain is becoming more important as people change careers, job tenure shortens and the need to gain new skills never ceases.

As workers move through their career, the more difficult it becomes to gain specific skills in formal settings in costeffective ways. That’s why organisations and the people who work for them must make informed decisions about how they gain skills that increase their employability and productivity. They must know the supply-demand dynamics for the market they operate in, and they must look for creative but relevant ways to differentiate themselves from other candidates.

Knowing your career goals, what you expect to gain out of each new skill you attain, and planning these outcomes upfront will ensure you can make the right decisions for yourself.

Our latest eBook addresses:

  • The best ways to up-skill and increase employability
  • Degree qualifications and which study subjects are more likely to find you a job
  • The rise of the MBA globally
  • How qualified should you be and how much education is enough