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Leveraging the Gen Y Mindset and Making it Work Within your Organisation

Don't manage meSo, you’ve been working on your adaptation strategies…how’s that working out so far? Have you started to see progress within your organisation? How about within your department? We know the typical response—it’s out of your direct control, right? What about those factors that are within your control? Have you personally made any changes in the way you manage or interact with Gen Ys?

The simple fact is, you don’t have much time to change. Improving productivity, reducing turnover and building your talent supply chain across younger age groups is imperative for organisational success as we move into the next decade. 

When preparing this paper, we were mindful of just how much has already been published about generational issues in the workplace. That’s why we reviewed more than 30 existing papers, studies and surveys—from leading think tanks to Big Four consulting firms—to find out if there really is a consensus on how to manage Gen Y (and beyond). 

We consumed a seemingly limitless supply of articles in various periodicals, ranging from The Economist to a one-paragraph blurb from We also (shockingly) spoke with real, live Millennials—from entry-level employees at a San Francisco-based energy company, to MBA students in Bangkok and undergraduates in Detroit. And, we made good use of the Kelly Global Workforce Index, an annual primary research exercise for Kelly, which, in 2012 included approximately 45,000 Gen Y respondents from more than 30 countries. We even had real, live Millennials read drafts of this paper—amazingly we passed. 

From all of this research, we can tell you that there are fundamental reasons why organisations, not just HR departments and leaders, must respond to generational issues. 

We can also tell you why some of the strategies that were supposed to work for Gen Y haven’t. Take a deep breath, and prepare to stop ‘managing’ Gen Y employees, and start ‘understanding’ them.

Download a full copy of the report: Don't Manage Me, #understandme - Leveraging the Gen Y Mindset and Making it Work Within your Organisation