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Don't tell me who you are. Show me.

 Most job candidates—particularly the intelligent, leading thinkers in high-demand fields—see through employer brands that feel too scripted and too perfect. They don't want to be told who you are; they want you to show them. This is culture branding.

Don't tell me who you are_ Show me_Culture branding is about rubbing off all that formality and polish, and discovering what lies under the surface.

What unites your most dedicated employees? What makes working for your company different from others in your industry—not from the perspective of marketers and professional image-makers, but based on what your employees feel about their daily routines and each other?

Your culture brand should aim to capture an honest, ineffable idea about your organisation and your employees— one that both job-seekers and current employees believe in, respect and want to strive for. Of course, it should be true, but it must also be meaningful.

Before you start work on building your culture brand, take a look at your competitors. You’ll find no shortage of banal phrases to describe their organisations. Any workplace can be ‘fun’ or have ‘high integrity.’ But if you're really going to show people who you are, you'll need to do better than that.

Culture branding is more than your employee ‘reality channel’ for three reasons:

1. Culture branding is not simply documenting what your employees are doing day-to-day, like a security camera capturing unscripted moments. Culture branding must identify the ‘higher idea’ that your employees stand for, and find ways to illuminate and enrich it.

2. By presenting a truer picture of your company to job candidates, you are effectively pre-screening them to find out who will fit in and succeed within your organisation.

3. A well-honed culture brand not only excites your future employees, but also rallies and motivates your current workforce. Culture branding asks you to capture the essence of work within your organisation to further enrich that ‘ineffable thing’ within your workplace.

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