Highly Virtual Workplace

Highly Virtual Workplace

The 2012 Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) brings together the findings from almost 170,000 respondents from 30 countries, including over 4,400 in the UK and Ireland. It shows the results of diverse forces impacting the contemporary workplace, including generational and geographic diversity, technology, employee empowerment, and the widespread use of social media.

This fifth instalment of the 2012 KGWI looks at the emergence of the highly virtual workforce, characterised by employees that are connected to their workplace around the clock by virtue of mobile technologies.

The advent of smartphone’s and laptops, and 24/7 access to corporate IT networks has empowered a generation of workers for whom the office is always in their pocket. Not so long ago, it was predicted that technological advances would give us all more leisure time. In hindsight, that seems quaintly naïve. As this study shows, most are juggling the competing pressures between work and leisure, but outcomes vary markedly across countries and generations.

The paper examines these workforce issues across industry sectors, and globally, across the Americas, APAC and EMEA regions. It also includes a generational perspective, with a focus on the three main workforce generations – Gen Y (age 19-30), Gen X (age 31-48) and Baby Boomers (age 49-66).

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