Global Talent Market Quarterly 1st Quarter 2015

Global Talent Market Quarterly 1st Quarter 2015

The 1st Quarter 2015 summarizes the following informations:

 Global Economic Situation
 Global Labor Market Update
 U.S. Labor Market Overview
 Workforce Solutions Industry Insight

Global economic growth is set to accelerate slightly in 2015. The net impact of lower oil prices worldwide is expected to be positive, while stimulus measures in key economies will also help to boost growth to around 3%.

The gap in emerging market performances continues to widen in 2015, as India and China still rank among the fastest-growing global economies, while Brazil and Russia face significant challenges. The developed countries also show a wide range of growth
patterns, from strength in the U.S. and U.K. to modest recoveries in Japan and the Eurozone.

Labor market conditions continue to recover gradually across most of Europe; in many countries, hiring is slowly picking up and unemployment is edging down, but activity remains a long way from pre-crisis levels.

Workplace health and safety is the subject of new legislation in China; health and safety laws are also under consideration in New Zealand and the European Union. In Venezuela, Portugal, and the U.S., new minimum wage ordinances are in effect.

In 2015, organizations should take a new approach to talent management, according to a new report by HR consultancy Bersin by Deloitte. Talent management should be a holistic and strategic system, rather than a set of discrete tasks or programs.

The onboarding process is an essential—but often overlooked—step in engaging workers and setting the stage for successful employment. Leading companies know that using onboarding effectively can help increase performance, retention, and motivation.

In order to attract top-tier talent, more organizations are beginning to realize that they have to look beyond the obvious. In addition to considering candidates that are actively searching for jobs, many companies are targeting passive candidates as well.