Global Talent Market Quarterly 2nd Quarter 2015

Global Talent Market Quarterly 2nd Quarter 2015

Softer first quarter growth in key countries including the U.S. and China, and recessions in Russia and South America, are moderating the outlook for the global economy in 2015. Global growth is expected to remain essentially flat from its 2014 level, with a gradual acceleration predicted in the following years.

Growth prospects across markets are highly divergent, particularly among emerging markets. Robust expansion has pushed India past China in growth, while Brazil and Russia have fallen into recession. The developed economies show a more graduated growth pattern, led by the U.S. and U.K., with most Eurozone markets in a gradual recovery. 

Although the Eurozone economy is gradually recovering, labor market improvements have been slower to develop. The region does have some standout labor market performers, including the U.K. and Germany.

Employees across the globe are looking for a variety of non-traditional, collaborative, and technology-based approaches as they think about the optimal setting in which to work. The Kelly Global Workforce Index shows that organizations that integrate these features into their work environments may have greater success in attracting and retaining the best talent.

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