Workplace Performance

Workplace Performance

The 2013 Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) brings together work and workplace insights sourced from more than 120,000 respondents from 31 countries across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions.

It takes the form of an annual survey that canvasses a wide spectrum of opinions on issues impacting the contemporary workplace, with a particular focus on the perspectives from different generations, industries, occupations and skill sets.

Topics covered in the 2013 KGWI survey include:


  • Career Development and Upskilling
  • Workplace Performance
  • Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Social Media and Technology


This second installment, on the topic of Workplace Performance explores the way that performancebased remuneration is gathering pace, and being embraced by unexpected groups in the workforce.

The findings suggest that employees are now more willing to accept some element of “risk” in their salary in return for the opportunity to meet benchmarks that will trigger performance bonuses.

The survey also provides some insights into what employees really think about the fairness of their compensation, with a particular focus on different generational and global markets.

The subject of telecommuting is featured, with latest data on the scale of this work practice and the factors that are both encouraging and preventing it across the globe.

Finally, the report takes a glimpse at the phenomenon of crowdsourcing, whereby businesses are using the internet to tap into a worldwide source of suppliers for a diverse range of services