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A dedicated consultant with a comprehensive knowledge of the sector and a deep market understanding will be your exclusive point of contact. Supporting you at every stage of the talent process, from initial briefing through to candidate interviews and final decision-making. Together with a professional research team, leveraging proactive recruitment channels, we can identify your ideal candidate – even if they are not currently looking for a new role.


What to Expect

  • Individual evaluation interviews with your HR or Line Manager to learn more about the job requirements, the workplace, and company culture as well as to specify the terms of collaboration.
  • Personalized support and advice during the recruitment and hiring process – in person or over the phone.
  • The creation of a job profile and job posting.
  • Publication on (inter)national as well as internal and external job platforms.
  • The creation of a comprehensive list of target companies.
  • Detailed evaluation and qualitative selection of suitable candidates
  • Proactive sourcing for suitable candidates within both a national and global network.
  • Additional support from a sourcing expert and a talent scout via numerous recruitment channels and social media.
  • Assessment of job applications, conduct and analysis of structured interviews, as well as the writing of interview reports.
  • Detailed candidate profile reports, including a personalized recommendation.
  • The leading of negotiations and carrying out of reference checks with former employers.
  • Organization and coordination of interviews for shortlisted candidates together with your HR or Line Manager.
  • Support during in-person interviews as well as consultation regarding the final decision.
  • Continued free support for you and your new employee after the hire/during the probation period.
  • Support with employer branding and promotion.



Candidate Search
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