Permanent Placement

Exceptional quality of service for workforce solutions

Our service covers the recruiting and mediation of permanent positions according to stringent quality standards. Together with your company, Kelly Services generates a list of qualified candidates or we develop a proactive recruiting strategy with structured interviews and detailed evaluations which serve as the decision-making framework.

We set up a proactive search and selection strategy to find the right candidate for the job. With you, we analyze the current situation and prepare the list of job requirements. If appropriate, we will come up with a list of target companies and define our recruitment strategy. Our search team will be responsible for contacting and pre-selecting candidates. During the next phase, our consultants assess the candidates' potential through a structured interview process. We take the best candidates and compile a detailed profile for your consideration. We are ready to help you with on-site interviews with candidates, and we can also provide assistance in making the final selection. 

We provide you with a list of qualified candidates drawn from our global database. But our assistance does not end when we find the right candidate: we remain by your side after the hiring process is complete, providing any expert assistance that you or your new employee may require.