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Our perm services include the recruitment and placement of high-quality candidates for permanent positions. Working closely with your organization, Kelly Services develops a proactive recruiting strategy in order to compile a list of qualified candidates. Using structured interviews and detailed evaluations as the basis for careful decision-making.


Why choose direct job placement?

Collaborating with Kelly Services as a perm job partner offers impressive benefits, including:

  • Reducing pressure on your personnel department
  • Avoiding time-consuming preselection
  • No search costs
  • No ongoing costs – easy budgeting
  • Guaranteed percentage refund in case of contract cancellation
  • Individual support and advice during the recruitment and hiring process
  • Access to consultants specializing in a wide range of sectors and fields of expertise
  • Wide experience working with major international clients as well as small and medium-sized companies


No worries hiring

If an employee leaves unexpectedly, we will refund you the following percentages:

  • 60% of the fee within the 1st month
  • 40% of the fee within the 2nd month
  • 20% of the fee within the 3rd month


Our talent tip

Choose a perm hire if you want to benefit from a candidate’s knowledge and experience in the long run.

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We’re proud to be a global provider of specialty talent solutions. Meeting the needs of job seekers and employers around the world.

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