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The Swiss watch industry has a long and prestigious tradition. The Swiss were innovators and pioneers of this exclusive industry and watchmaking is still an important part of the cultural landscape today. A job in the watch industry offers the opportunity to work in a sector with a unique history and cultural significance. Our expert consultants can help you to find your perfect role, with support that runs like clockwork.


How Are We Creating the Future of The Watch industry?

If you’re a candidate looking for a job in the watch sector or a client looking for new talent, your opportunities are boundless Whether you’re looking for your next big move as a Quality Assurance Professional, or you’re stepping onto the career ladder as a Polisher, our team of experienced consultants can help.

At Kelly, we are experts at connecting promising candidates with some of the biggest, best, and most well-respected organizations in the watch industry.

We seek out quality candidates, actively approaching our clients to discuss their skills and strengths. This allows us to match top talent with the most impressive employers in watch making. We regularly create brilliant opportunities for talented candidates and it’s our mission to create harmonious hires.


Our Watch Client Base

We have established relationships with many of Switzerland’s leading watch companies. Providing incredible opportunities for watchmaking professionals. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide candidates with a truly consultative experience to prepare them for successful interviews.


Why Choose Kelly?

Kelly recruiters are experts in watch industry recruitment and are always on top of trends and changes in the market.

We dig deeper - discovering exactly what our clients want and what our candidates are searching for. This helps us to truly understand a prospective new role and what our candidates need to thrive. Allowing us to create connections that go beyond skills, to a true cultural fit. 

At Kelly, we do things differently. Exploring your unique skills and working with you to present your career story to our network of employers. Our consultative approach means that we match individual candidates with individual roles. Working hard to create amazing career opportunities for you.


Our Watch Industry Specialisms

  • Watch industry operator (T0/T1/T2/T3)
  • Watchmaker
  • Polishers
  • Polymechanic
  • Watch designer


Our Career Advice

Our advice to you, as a candidate, is to go beyond surface-level preparation for an interview. We’ll help you to get up to speed on an employer’s ethos, products, and personnel, sharpening up your CV so that it aligns with the role and the company you’re applying to. If a presentation is part of the application process, we’ll have you to present to us first and provide constructive feedback. If you need interview support, we can provide coaching for that too. We’re here to act as your work guide. Helping you to grow and develop alongside your career. This means we keep in touch throughout the job search process and beyond. Here at every step of your growing career.

Interested in a career in the watch industry? Check out current jobs or get in touch to find out more about what we do.

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