Adapt to the Talent Gap

Adapt to the Talent Gap

There is no one-size-fits-all for managing talent. Yet, many organisations still behave as though there is. The wake-up call of changing workforce demographics and the mismatch between the skills that organisations need, and those that are on the market, is taking a greater toll.

As unemployment climbs in southern European markets and jobs remain unfilled in others, the question of how best to match skill with opportunity becomes more pressing. With almost 9 in 10 companies experiencing a talent shortage, according to research by McKinsey, and three-quarters saying that the inability to find skilled workers continues to have a negative effect on their business, the talent mismatch is becoming a growing issue for productivity.

The challenge for employers is to:

  • Fill critical skill gaps in a timely and efficient way
  • Manage flexible, contingent workers without raising the organisation’s risk profile
  • Move work to the worker rather than the other way around
  • Keep talent engaged and retained wherever possible, even across borders

All of these talent management issues are critical to growth, to innovation and to overcoming the uncertainty stalemate across the EU region, and indeed much of the developed world.

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