Be Found in Passive Job Market

Be Found in Passive Job Market

We are all passive candidates now. The world of job-seeking is no longer about finding roles and pitching your CV to managers in order to get hired, it’s about building networks that allow you to promote your skills and experience in ways that ensure the right role finds you too. In many ways, the rise of professional social networks has made us far more readily accessible to a job market that offers more variation, as well as less stability. Now, our entire work history, our skills and experience, our referees and our professionally published content are out there for anyone to find and explore. The important thing is to manage it effectively and see it as a natural extension of marketing ourselves in the new world of work that is global and undergoing constant, on-going change. Both candidates and companies need to make this passive market work to their advantage, and understand ways to find each other.

Where will you find your next job?

We don’t find, nor seek, new jobs the way we used to. Of course, you still see a few roles advertised in newspapers, specialist magazines and their related websites, but even job-boards are no longer the only player in online job advertising. Now, social media (and in particular LinkedIn) is becoming the go-to hub for job- seekers right across the world.


 The reasons for this are three-fold

1. It’s a one-stop shop for all your professional information: when you’re inside the LinkedIn platform you’re in ‘work mode’, so it makes sense to manage your CV, profile and job searches in the one place. Plus, you can easily access relevant information about people in your network that can help you with your job search or get an introduction to a person or company you’re interested in.

2. It brings the right jobs to you and only when you want them: unlike curated email lists from job boards, LinkedIn keeps a rolling list of the jobs that are recommended for you and it’s accessible without having to manage daily or even weekly email bulletins from job boards. It’s far more convenient and it’s getting smarter and bringing you the right information at the right time. 

3. More recruiters are using it because it is saving them time and money, so more jobs are being posted here. Although individual use of professional social networking platforms varies, being present and growing your online professional network is now seen as a ‘normal’ part of work. It is seen as a fundamental activity that we all do to keep our finger on the pulse of our chosen job market. Good companies know this, and they are ready and waiting for you to engage with them. So, start following, start listening and start conversing.