Janine Cabrera

What are your main tasks?

Successful search, selection and hire of new employees with scientific backgrounds (mainly focused on chemistry,
biochemistry and pharmacy) on all hierarchy levels - to meet current and future business needs. Define appropriate recruitment tools & strategy.

How did you get in to the staffing industry?

I completed a professional formation as Associate Scientist in analytical chemistry and gathered several years of working experience
at Novartis in this field.

I also completed a BSc (hons) in Biology and Health Sciences in distance study alongside work.
I realized that I wanted to work closer with people.

As a “Recruitment Consultant Life Science” I am now able to help people find a job, help companies to build their workforce whilst also being able to engage my scientific knowledge.

What do you really like/enjoy in your every day job?

My role is very fulfilling as I am able to create a constant win-win situation.
I like the challenges that the changing economic and political situations pose and feel very close to the time.
I love to constantly learn about the cutting edge science of the pharmaceutical industry and actually build the teams that will help curing some of the world’s most devastating diseases.

What are your hobbies?

I spent one year of my life to travelling around the world with my backpack. Travelling has stayed one of my passions ever since and I try to explore a new country every year.

I also like outdoor activities such as snowboarding, snowboard touring, hiking, climbing etc. and most of all being with my family and friends.