Child Benefit

Child Benefit

What is the procedure for claiming the Child Benefit Supplement through my employer, Kelly Services?

For each child under 16 years of age you are entitled to claim CHF 200.- benefit monthly. For each child over 16 years you are entitled to CHF 250.- educational allowance monthly providing you obtain evidence that the child remains in education, e.g. written confirmation from the school your child is attending. The confirmation must be renewed annually.

Prerequisite: the child supplementary benefit must not be claimed by the other parent. Generally, the parent either earning the highest amount or whose place of work is in the residential canton is entitled to claim and must do so through his/her employer.

Employees resident abroad are also entitled to claim the child benefit supplement in Switzerland but must provide additionally an attestation from the appropriate authority as to whether child benefit supplements are already being paid in the place of residence to either parent. If the child benefit supplement is not being claimed in the country of residence then you will receive the full Swiss amount. If the benefit is already being paid in the country of residence, and the amount is less than the Swiss Child Benefit Supplement, then you will receive the „Difference Allowance“, i.e. the difference between the two amounts. It is important that an attestation from the appropriate authority in your country of residence, confirming the current status of the right to claim an allowance, is submitted annually.
The claims forms are available at the time of signing the employment contract. If this is not the case, the Clarastrasse branch of Kelly Services should be contacted and the appropriate forms requested. The originals of the completed forms should then be returned to the Kelly office at Clarastrasse 12, 4058 Basel. The compensation payments will be processed by the „Swisstempfamily“  fund (Ausgleichskasse) of which Kelly is a member.

Payment of child benefit supplements are made in arrears. The supplements are calculated from the first to last day of each calendar month, resulting in the payment being paid out in the following month, i.e. the supplement for the first month is paid out with the second monthly pay.

If your contract does not commence or finish exactly on the first or last day of a calendar month the child benefit supplement will be paid out pro rata according to the date of commencement or finish.