Holiday Pay

Holiday Pay

I would like to take holidays – how should I proceed?

  • Inform Kelly ( of the start and return dates of your holidays at least 5 days before the start of your absence
  • notify Kelly if you wish the holidays to be paid out or not
  • if holiday pay is requested, the amount will be calculated and paid with the corresponding pay period

How is holiday pay worked out from the balance of holidays owing?
The amount accrued on the payslip for net holidays is the basis for the calculation for the number of days holiday owing.


GROSS basic hourly wage                     CHF 33.95
NET holiday pay                      CHF  2.83
Average hours worked                     8.31 hours

5 months have been worked to date without taking any leave
160 hours x 5 months = 800 hours worked in total

NET calculation of the holidays owing:
88 hours x CHF 2.83 = CHF 2’264
Net holidays owing are CHF 2'264, calculated from work commencement date

NET calculation of the daily rate:
Average hours worked x basic hourly wage = daily rate
8.31 x CHF 33.95 = 282.1245 = CHF 282.15 (rounded up)

NET calculation of holidays owed
Holiday pay owed: daily rate
2’264 CHF : 282.15 CHF = 8.024100655679603 days
8 days holiday is currently owed

For example, you are taking 3 weeks holiday (= 15 days holiday). Using the above example, you would be paid for 8 days and the remaining 7 days would be unpaid leave. In principle, holidays can be taken at any time, regardless of holiday pay owing, if approved by your supervisor. However, only holiday earned can be paid out (using the above example, maximum CHF 2'264.00)
Employees aged between 20 and 50 are entitled by law to four weeks (20 days) paid holiday per year. Younger employees until age 20 are entitled to five weeks (25 days) as are employees over 50 years of age.

When will holidays be paid out?
The amount of holidays owing will be paid out with the next pay period (see payment plan).
Holidays are paid out in accordance to the actual pay periods, i.e. if you take holidays that are spread over two different pay periods, these will be paid out in the actual pay period the days are taken in.

For example: you are taking 2 weeks leave from 13.05 until 26.05
Pay period May:    22.04 – 19.05
Pay period June:    20.05 – 16.06
One week would be paid out together with the May wages and one week would be paid out with the June wages.

How is untaken holiday dealt with when a contract is terminated?

The accrued holiday owing is paid out with the final pay when employment ends.

Is it possible to have holidays paid out instead of taking them?

No, under Swiss law it is not permissible to pay out holidays in lieu of taking them.
Art. 329d Abs. 2 OR (Swiss Code of Obligations): Holidays may not be paid out or compensated by other means during the duration of the period of employment.

Novartis closes over the Christmas-New Year period. Must I take these days as holiday?

Since Novartis closes their plant, you cannot work during this period and are obliged to take holidays. Holiday pay for these days can be requested.  

I omitted registering my holidays and would like to receive the payment in arrears. Is this possible?

Yes, this can be done by submitting dates of the holidays taken to: