Holidays Public Holidays


Holidays rights shall consist of:

  • 5 weeks for a full year of service in the case of workers up to the age of 20 and workers having reached the age of 50 on 1st January of the year in question
  • 4 weeks for all other workers.

Paid leave pay shall amount to respectively 8.33% and 10.64% of the basic salary for 4 and 5 weeks’ holidays.

The holiday period shall fall between 1st January and 31st December.

Unjustified absences shall be taken into account from the first day of absence when calculating the reduction in the holiday allowance and not after one complete month of absence. In the event of a temporary worker falling ill or having an accident during his holiday period, the total number of days of sick leave due to no fault of his own and justified with a medical certificate shall not be taken into account and holidays as they entail recovery during the holiday period.
In the event of illness or accident during their holidays, temporary workers shall immediately inform the employer; the same shall apply in the event of illness or accidents abroad and workers shall justify their incapacity or disability by means of a hospital certificate and duly paid [medical] bills.

Public holidays

Up to 9 public holidays at the place where the worker is carrying out his assignments shall be paid and added to the salary subject to AVS (old age pension and surviving dependant’s insurance) on the basis of the average number of hours worked in the week when the public holiday falls, excluding overtime. Payment shall be made provided that the following conditions are fulfilled:

a) the worker must have worked on the day before and the day immediately after the public holiday

b) The worker has worked without any absence during a period of over 3 months prior to the public holiday.

In the case of public holidays falling on a normally non-working days (such as Saturdays and Sundays), workers shall not be receive any pay for those public holidays, nor shall they be awarded paid leave in lieu.

The list of paid public holidays is available from the employer.

August 1st is a paid public holiday in accordance with legal provisions.