Justified paid leave

Justified paid leave

In the event of justified absence from work, workers shall have the right to sick pay for loss of earnings. This amount shall correspond to the salary subject to AVS that the worker would have received, should he have been working normally without overtime.

Sick pay in the case of justified remunerated absence shall be paidprovided that an uninterrupted employment relationship of over 3 months has preceded the absence or has been concluded for that period of time.

The following shall be regarded as justified absence:



 Civil marriage or civil partnership registration

3 days


 Civil marriage or civil partnership registration of workers’ children

1 day


 Birth of the worker’s child

1 day


 Death of a family member (spouse, registered partner, child and parents)

3 days


 Death of a close relative

1 day


 Military recruitment or inspection

½ day


 House move involving the worker’s household provided that the contract is not terminated

1 day


 Legal obligations or public service

subject to agreement