Salaries are set in individual task contracts. Workers shall, except under special circumstancesagreed in writing, receive a salary based on the number of hours worked and signed for on the timesheet, by the client company, on the one hand and, on the other hand, confirmed and signed by the worker in question.

Salary payment

Provided that the timesheets, duly signed, are handed in within the allocated time, salaries shall be paid at the agreed date set on the salary sheet handed over at the time of recruitment.

In the event of timesheets handed in late, salaries shall be paid at the following pay date set on the salary sheet.

Salaries shall normally be paid via bank or giro transfer.

Paid leave shall be paid when holidays are actually taken or at the end the work contract.

The extra month’s salary shall be paid at the end of each year or when the work contract is terminated.