Working Times

Working Times - tempcontrol/Arbeitszeit/Überstunden

Maximum working hours
A maximum of 45 hours may be worked weekly


Hours worked above the weekly maximum of 45 hours qualify as overtime. A maximum of 170 overtime hours are permitted yearly. Overtime may be incurred during the day or evening time periods under the following circumstances:

  • unforeseen heavy workload
  • business disruptions
  • inventory or financial close-offs

Overtime must be approved by your supervisor.
Standard overtime pay rate is 1.25 of the regular hourly rate.
Break Periods

Break periods are for rest and relaxation and employees are permitted to leave their work premises during these breaks. Employees are permitted the following breaks:

  • for each five and a half hour work period, one (1) 15 minutes rest break
  • for each seven hour work period, one (1) 30 minutes rest break
  • for a nine hour work period, one (1) hour rest break

Breaks must be taken in the middle of the working period and are not permitted at the beginning or end of the working period. Rest periods of one hour or more may be split up but a minimum of thirty (30) minutes must be taken for the main meal break.