Networking Is it your career insurance policy

Networking Is it your career insurance policy

 The employment market of today is a very different beast to that of 20 years ago. Technological advancement has forever altered the way that we communicate and interact with each other. It has also radically changed how we find, complete and advertise work opportunities. On one hand, the 

Web has opened the door to many new work opportunities. Jobs that didn’t exist even five years ago are now advertised through a vast array of online platforms, and technology has enabled access to jobs across geographic boundaries and employment jurisdictions.
On the other hand, however, the connectivity of the Web has also increased competition for jobs at a time when economic conditions are already putting pressure on employment levels. Essentially, there is greater access to opportunities, but more competition for them too.
To a job seeker, these conditions may make the prospect of acquiring a great role, with a great employer, seem implausible. In fact, faced with a deluge of information and an almost overwhelming number of job-seeking avenues, it might even seem impossible!

Take a deep breath and step back from the blogs, the news, the videos, the conferences, the thought-leaders and—just for a moment— your smart phone, to consider this. Regardless of the change occurring around you, the universal elements of landing a good job remain these three things: 


  • a quality CV through which you can market yourself 
  • a proactive and professional approach to job-seeking, and most importantly, 
  • the ability and willingness to leverage your network. 

Yes, the methods available to jobseekers to satisfy these criteria may have changed, but the criteria themselves are just as important to today as they were 20 years ago. And, the good news is that technology has actually increased the ease and effectiveness with which we can build your network.


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KGWI June 2012