Nicole Blum

Nicole Blum - Consultant Life Science

What are your main tasks?

Discussing role profiles mainly in the fields of biology, pharmacy, clinical development, regulatory affairs and at the interface of science and administration. Understanding clients’ needs in terms of their future employees. Candidate research and socializing with potentially interesting candidates. Evaluating hard and soft skills and interest of candidates. Writing job advertisements and profile reports. Assisting clients and candidates.

How did you get in to the staffing industry?

Besides a commercial formation and work experience in the administrative and organizational field I successfully completed a Bachelor Degree in Biology. To work as a “Consultant Life Science” allows me to combine my scientific knowledge with my interest in people and their development.

What do you really like/enjoy in your every day job?

Succeeding in finding the right candidate for an interesting position in the Life Science Industry is an exciting challenge. I am pleased about our candidates working happily in their new positions and our clients being fully satisfied with their new employees. Our goal is to find professionally and interpersonally matching candidates for Novartis and this is a challenge I enjoy accepting every day.

What are your hobbies?

I really like being around people. Besides spending most of my spare time with my family and my friends, I love all kind of outdoor activities.