Sylvia Oelschläger

Sylvia Oelschläger – Branch Manager

Tel:       +41 (0) 78 661 31 12
Mobile: +41 (0) 62 868 76 16

•    What are your main tasks?

     Exchange with our client, team coordination, organization, recruiting  
•    How did you get in to the staffing industry?
     I studied Business Engineering (FH), with a major in mechanical and automotive engineering
     and worked at Mercedes, Porsche and SAP mainly in project management and quality assurance.
     An exciting job opportunity made.   
•    What do you really like/enjoy in your every day job?
     Working with people, my team, our client, helping temporary workers to create the best possible conditions
•    What are your hobbies?
     Spinning / Indoor and outdoor cycling, reading, traveling, continuous training