The TruFiles - Culture Branding

The TruFiles - Culture Branding

Invariably when pundits talk about brand culture, companies like Google and Apple come up. There’s chatter about oddball perks employees enjoy (e.g. foosball, sleeping pods) and the quirky things these companies do to identify prospective employees who will fit in.

Most of us can’t relate to Apple and Google. And that’s just fine.

Every other company in aggressive pursuit of top talent must find ways to attract the most sought-after knowledge workers on their own terms. How should they woo the very best if they’re not a mega-hot Silicon Valley tech company?

What we’re going to discuss here is an idea that should make your head hurt and stomach churn. If you’re a recruiter, HR executive, or anyone responsible for talent attraction, the following pages will cause you to rethink how you acquire talent—and whether you’re going about it all wrong.
[Spoiler alert: You probably are.]

The crux of the problem is this: Your recruiting program is currently designed to net the largest number of potential candidates possible, and then disappoint all but one. And you’re disappointing people who are potential customers and future job candidates. It’s simply a wrongheaded approach … and we’re going to point out a much better way.

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