publiziert 24 May 2022
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DisziplinLife Sciences


Position Overview:
The Surveillance/Clinical Services Laboratory Technologist will perform various aspects of antimicrobial laboratory-based testing in the Surveillance Services laboratory. The Technologist will perform such studies in line with the needs of the projects and the Laboratory Manager/Laboratory Director in a timely and efficient fashion and will report directly to the Laboratory Manager.

Essential Job Activities & Functions in line with IHMA Europe Sàrl SOPs:
* Participate in planning and execution of surveillance laboratory-based projects.
* Planning in line with Laboratory Manager
* Sample receipt, storage, and processing
* Organism identification (MALDI, other)
* Preparation of susceptibility testing plates and QC
* Running susceptibility testing, QC and data recording
* Verification of data and scanning of data through OptiScan
* Verification of data QA reports (from IHMA, Inc.), identification of erroneous data and planning and execution of repeat susceptibility where required
* Participate in laboratory maintenance, laboratory inventories