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Are you missing out on passive talent?

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Our team is awesome. From sourcing specialists to engagement gurus, our experts are passionate about finding people who can help you grow. We can connect you with candidates who share your values and goals.


At Kelly we never settle for good enough. We are committed to ripping up the rule book in order to find new ways to connect you with the people you need. We understand that it’s not enough to wait for great talent to come to us. That’s why we embrace a #ditchthescript mentality to discover hidden and passive candidates. Great talent is out there, and we know exactly where to look.

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Finding the right permanent candidate is about more than matching skills. It’s about finding people who share your vision. You have the choice between aperformance-based search or an exclusive talent search (on a mandate basis).

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A different approach

We don’t wait for candidates to come to us. We proactively reach out to talent that isn’t actively looking. Using a data-driven approach we can identify where your talent hangs out online and target our advertising to be more effective. Great talent is out there, and we know exactly where to look.

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